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Accessibility for E-Commerce: 3 Best Practices for Navigational Links (73% of Sites Fail)

Research on accessibility in e-commerce sites has shown that about 73% of e-commerce websites have link compliance issues. This, in turn, affects a subgroup of users who find it hard to use or access links to navigate website data and resources.

Social Media Marketing Strategy for 2022: What every business should know

A social media marketing strategy is a guide that dictates your plans to achieve your business goals. Social media marketing enables companies to interactively engage with their customers, reach new clients, promote their brand or products.

With the advancement
AI technologies, consumers expect streamlined shopping experiences
on the web.
After all, what is the
use of technology
if not for the betterment of lives?

Cross-selling is a
marketing tactic aimed to improve
e-commerce by attempting to get shoppers to check out
and order products that compliment
or accessorize the ones they are
shopping for.