8 Best WordPress Plugin for Donations

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Accepting online donations for your non-profit or charitable organization should be easy. A WordPress plugin will help you set a payment gateway seamlessly. But the problem arises when you can’t choose the right plugin to serve your purposes. You should pay attention to the setup process, supported currencies, choice of themes, and customization. If you’re looking for a hassle-free donation process, this guide is for you. Here are the 8 best WordPress plugin for donations.


Let’s dive right in!

1. Charitable

This is a powerful WordPress plugin for non-profits without a high price tag. With Charitable, you can create powerful campaigns for a specific goal.




Customizable donation forms


The Charitable plugin provides suggestions on how much people wish to contribute. You can shorten your donation form and embed it on any page.


Unlimited Fundraising Campaigns


Users can set up campaigns that end up automatically. Furthermore, you can use your favorite theme styles for seamless integration. Depending on your needs, you’ll discover new possibilities.


Payment getaways


Charitable Plugin allows you to use PayPal without hiring a developer. And you can automatically track the donation status. Other premium getaways include PayUMoney, Wind cave, Authorize.net, Stripe, and Braintree.


$0 Transaction Fees


This plugin never charges the transaction fees, and you can be sure the donations will not be taxed.




· Allows for peer-to-peer fundraising

· Comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee

· Easy to customize

· Offers updates

· Allows for third-party extensions




· You must pay for the extra add-ons

2. GiveWP

GiveWP is a highly-rated WordPress plugin build for your fundraising needs. This powerful platform allows you to view statistics, manage donors, and customizable donation forms. Users can intuitively create donation pages, not to mention you get an understanding of your performance.






This plugin puts you in control of all your donations. You can display the goals bar on the additional fields to collect more information. Still, you can set donation amounts daily, weekly, or monthly.


The plugin is fully expandable and developer-friendly. In addition to that, the base code is flexible, well documented, and extensive. You can work in any way your development team can imagine.


Analytics integration


GiveWP gives you an understanding of where your donations are coming from and keeps track of what you need.


Easy payment


You can include Google Pay and Apple Pay through stripe payment getaway.


Donor management


GiveWP allows you to keep track of your payments and integrate with third-party tools.


Custom form fields


This plugin gives additional GiveWP donation form fields.


Credit card fee recovery


If you want to lose money on credit card fees, you can request the donors to pay extra.




The team behind GiveWP plugin cares about the democratization of generosity. When you purchase the Plus or Pro pricing plan, you gain access to all the features.




· Offers friendly and responsive support

· Thorough documentation

· You get a catalog of add-ons to level up the fundraisers

· The campaign is customizable

· Easy donation payments

· Currency switching for donors




· You must upgrade to pro-plan to access all the features

3. Donorbox

Donorbox is a plugin that allows you to embed donation forms on your WordPress website. Apart from the customizable options, you get many standout features. And the setup process is straightforward – it takes less than 15 minutes.


Smart donation form


Donorbox allows you to create a conversation-optimized multi-step donation. Even better, it accepts several currencies as payment options. Also, you can ask custom questions that help to collect key donor information.


Seamless integration


With Donorbox, you can customize your donation to start a multistep donation journey. The modern design will effortlessly blend with your branding. Furthermore, you can accept donations in multiple currencies.


Donorbox supports eleven languages – you can adapt your donation form and speak to the donors effortlessly.


Security compliance


Donorbox is secured with SSL/TLS encryption and complies with the SCA requirement. Also, the Stripes Radar fraud detection system protects your campaign against fraud and scammers.


Wholesome experience


We have built a variety of features that add a touch to your donation experience. Also, you can send end-year tax receipts or add a donor wall.




· You can seamlessly use the popup widget

· Users can make payments via low-fee ACH

· Accept monthly donations

· The fundraising platform is for all organizations

· Efficient donor management

· Fast form builder




· Can be a little bit intimidating – not technologically proficient

· The pricing structure is not very clear

4. Donation Content Locker

The donation content locker displays your content to donors. You have the option to activate the contribution link and give an opinion for your posts. It also locks payment behind the payment wall, the same way online magazines block portions of the website. If you have a video course or podcast, all these items are available.


This plugin offers powerful features like donation popup forms, donor wall, multi-currency support, goal meter, and end-of-the-year receipts.


You can collect donations, so you pay a 1.5% platform fee. The plugin also charges separate fees for CRM integrations. When you compare Donately, Donorbox is affordable.




· Supports all major getaways

· Allows you to build an email list

· Supports customizations

· Works using shortcodes

· There’s an option to remember donors using cookies




· Only useful when you want to exchange content for donations

5. PayPal Donations

PayPal Donation plugin adds a Shortcode to WordPress. There’s a menu that lets you set up PayPal ID and custom-payment page style.




The Shortcode (PayPal-donation) gives the simplest option to insert your posts or pages. Besides that, you can generate valid XHTML transitional code.




To add widgets on PayPal Donations, you should use the sidebar, footer, or header. Once you install the plugin, a descriptive text will appear so you can specify an optional purpose.


PayPal Donations accepts payments from PayPal and other money transfer services. Users can set the minimum payment, currency of their choice, and language. Also, you can create a `thank you’ page and redirect the donors.




· Supports several languages

· Easy to use

· Uses the most recognized money transfer service

· Frequent updates




· You must have a verified non-profit status

6. Green Donations

Green Donations allows you to manage donations and set different campaigns. You don’t have to pay commissions and can work directly with donors. Since the plugin is easy to install, you can start to accept donations immediately.




Performance optimized


This plugin is well-optimized, so it doesn’t affect the page speed score.


Manage donations


You can create donation campaigns and embed them on your site using HTML code.


Accept donations


Donors can allow you to accept as much as you want for your campaign.


Email notifications


You receive email notifications after every successful campaign.


Best practice


This plugin follows the latest WordPress guidelines – no WordPress debug.


Multiple embedding methods


You can embed payment codes, HTML snippets, widgets, and goal progress bars.




· The plugin is multisite ready

· It’s optimized for better performance

· Accepts payments through stripe

· SEO-friendly

· Easy to install

· Users get automatic updates

· Has a strong support team




· A little pricey

7. Donation Thermometer

This plugin has a thermometer image that shows the number of donations raised. It features a simple Shortcode for your fundraising activities. While Donation Thermometer doesn’t have lots of features, it’s beginner-friendly.





This plugin can be customized and blends seamlessly with your WordPress website. Generally, the thermometer generates vector-based images and gives visually sharp graphics.


Automatic updates


Donation Thermometers uses a Shortcode to accept plugins, so you never have to worry about tracking the updates. You can also run a caption in your sidebar and foot bar.


Displays what you need


The optional Shortcode parameters can control the currency symbol, tick alignment, fill colors, and create a shadow effect.


Easy to use


You use the shortcode to display a classic-style thermometer on any sidebar or post.


Support forum


The queries issued are resolved within the forum.




· It’s a good way for non-profits to track the campaign

· Real-time accountability

· Allows for customizable

· The thermometer keeps the team motivated

· Can be organized into a fun team-building activity

· It points towards a specific goal




· If you don’t receive large donations the audience can be intimidated

8. WP Crowdfunding

This is a revolutionary WordPress plugin that helps you create a backer site. It features a native wallet system and allows you to split the money through Stripe.




Based on Woo Commerce


A crowdfunding plugin can be paired with an e-commerce system.


Native Wallet System


The plugin keeps track of your project, and you can send a request to the admin after you raise a specific amount of money.


Stripe Connect


The Stripe Connect system allows you to distribute money seamlessly.


Frontend Operations


The easy-to-use interface allows you to update projects seamlessly. With Frontend operations, you can enjoy automated calculation, add a payment method, and manage money.


Money management


WP Crowdfunding supports different payment methods like Stripe, PayPal, Skill, and cards.


Front-end dashboard


Users can update their contact information, explore the pledges list, change an account password, and visit the bookmark list.


Exclusive features in the paid version


Once you upgrade to the premium membership, you get features like unlimited rewards with delivery date, email notifications, stripe connect, and social share.




· Allows you to track the pledges of each campaign

· Offers minimum and maximum pricing options

· Has a dedicated user integration

· You can see the project start and end options

· Dedicated user integration




· You need an upgrade to track all the features


Final Thoughts

While the above plugins offer slightly different functionality, they have the best features for your donation purposes. From the above review, the best WordPress plugin for donations is GiveWP. It offers great features like donor management, accepts different payment gateways, and is fully customizable.

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