6 Best WordPress Scanner Plugins

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WordPress scanner plugins can help you seek out malware by scanning your website for security risks. If you can detect a vulnerability earlier, you can avoid being hacked. Once you suspect your website has been hacked, a quick security scan is the best start to recovering your account security.

Scanners can help you find suspicious redirects, malicious code embedded in your site, suspicious redirects, and more. Basic security checkups can’t correctly scan for tests on your user accounts, settings, plugins, and database. Hackers can embed malicious code that might go unnoticed through basic security checkups.

Security scanners are equipped with the tools to search and find vulnerabilities in your website successfully. Think of it like a professional personal investigator seeking out all those who mean to do you harm. This article will provide 6 of the best scanner plugins for you to choose from, in no particular order.

WP Scan Review

WPScan plugin is unique as it utilizes it’s personal manually curated WPScan WordPress Vulnerability Database, which was around since 2014. It is daily updated by dedicated security specialists or the support community. More than 21,000 security vulnerabilities are included in the database, the plugin checks against these vulnerabilities when conducting daily automated scans.

What WPScan checks for

  • Scans for debug.log files.
  • Scans for code repository files.
  • Checks for weak passwords.
  • Scan for exported database files.
  • Scan to see if default secret keys have been used.
  • Publicly accessible and back up wp-config.php files.
  • Vulnerable Timthumb files.
  • Easily accessible data dumps.
  • Media file enumeration.

Those are among the vulnerabilities WPScan checks for; of course, there are other vulnerabilities not yet mentioned above.



Conducts a thorough scan

It can be harder to interact with compared to other scanners

It has a unique, appealing interface


It uses its own curated scan.


Has multiple functionalities


IsItWP Security Scanner

IsItWP security scanner is a plugin powered by Sucuri and helps users to scan your WordPress site for vulnerabilities and malware. This plugin can check your website even in Google Safe Browsing or other malware blacklists to ensure you have a clean domain. This plugin is easy to use; you need to type in your website URL in the search bar provider and click on scan website.

Once you click the button, the plugin will use its tools to conduct a full security scan on your website. When scanning is complete, you will receive a full report on vulnerabilities found if they are present.

Apart from offering you scanning tools, IsItWP has a lot more in store for you, including:

  • It provides a Domain name generator
  • Site Uptime/downtime checker
  • WordPress website checker
  • URL decoder
  • A password generator
  • Speed tester

 Although IsItWP Security Scanner is good to use, a few kinks need to be sorted out; here are some pros and cons.



Easy to use

It does not have a way to deal with malware only scans for vulnerabilities.

It has a clean and neat interface that is easy on the eyes.


Allows scanning even I google safe browsing mode.



This plugin is among the most helpful vulnerability scanners for WordPress websites. Although it has a simple look, this plugin has a lot to offer, and it can also be used as a theme detector or plugin detector. Apart from its scanning features, it can also provide you the following features:

  • Theme pricing
  • Theme screenshot
  • Searching theme tags
  • Scanning theme versions
  • Identifying links to purchase themes
  • Identifying plugins used
  • Detecting percentage use of themes/plugins
  • Identifying the theme name

Here are some of the kinks  and gains to expect from ScanWP:



Has multiple functions apart from scanning vulnerabilities

Scan wp has a plain interface that does not look appealing.

Easy to use, meaning its beginner-


Only functions with WordPress websites.

Has a plugin detector


Easily integrates with WordPress


Web Inspector

Web inspector is another good alternative for scanning vulnerabilities in your WordPress website. It scans Google safe browsing and Comodo analyst indexes to detect the status of your domain. Then it goes a step further to check suspicious code, Trojan worms, frames, and more. Web inspector is the true definition of thorough analysis; it runs through almost every single file of your website, including dumped files.

 This plugin does not stop there; it still has a lot more features and tools to offer, including:

  • Daily Malware scanning
  • Threat notifications
  • Blacklist monitoring
  • Malware cleaning
  • PCI Scanning

Here are a few kinks and benefits you can expect while using web inspector.



Conducts daily automatic malware scans

It takes time to run scans

Has an immediate threat notification

Has essential inspector elements and no multiple functionalities

Can conduct malware clean up after detecting it


It has a beautiful interface that is easy to interact with


Pentest Vulnerability Scanner

This plugin scans your WordPress website to detect more than just vulnerabilities. It also checks to see if any plugins have a security threat, the version of WordPress being used. You can boost the speed of penetration testing since it’s installed and configured in your WordPress.

Pentest has a self-security assessment feature to check if your WordPress installations are correctly configured and up to date. Using its Third-party audit feature can greatly benefit developers; you can show reports of your scans to clients to affirm the proper security of websites developed.

The scanner links to the chosen website to conduct a series of passive checks to detect users, database dumps, plugins, themes, config back-ups, and more. Pentest extracts all the required information from analyzing HTTP headers and HTML source code.

This plugin still has more in store for you. Here are some features to expect from Pentest:

  • WordPress penetration testing
  • A self-security assessment
  • Third-party website audit
  • Plugin detection

Here are a few kinks  and gains you may encounter when using Pentest




  • Ability to boost scanning and speed the process up, which saves you time.
  • It has multiple features but not many compared to other scanners.
  • Automatic scanning
  • Appealing interface
  • Third-party audit.

Sucuri Site Check

Sucuri site check is a powerful remote scanner developed by Sucuri. It provides a comprehensive check of your website to ensure the chosen site is not vulnerable to malicious malware. Site checker visits the website every day just like a search engine bot to check if any web pages have malicious code.

If you are worried your data being snooped on, you should know that it only has access to what’s visible on your browser. If you have a backdoor in your WordPress site content /uploads, the site checker will not be able to identify anything malicious. This shows it will not identify Phishing pages, mailer/DoS Scripts, injections, and more.

Some more aspects might impact Site checkers’ ability to identify malware. Due to these challenges Site checker introduce a server-side scanning option for paying customers. This type of scanner will search through all files on your site directory, working their way to identifying all vulnerabilities that the other version cannot. Although both scanners complement each other, they work together to determine what the other misses.

The server-side scanner can generate an audit trail of changes made in files to allow you to know when the compromise took place. When you add that up with the support team’s manual audits, you get a complete review of your website’s security. Site checker pairs up nicely with Sucuri making it easier to neutralize or clean up malware if any exist. Sucuri site check is considered to be one of the best scanners in the market.

Since we now know the capabilities of Site Checker, let’s run through some of the advantages and disadvantages you may encounter while using it.



  • Conducts a thorough scan, especially when you combine the server-side version.
  • The server-side is not free
  • Has a competent support team.
  • It takes time to get a complete comprehensive scan
  • Integrates perfectly with Sucuri in case you want to clean up malware
  • Has multiple functionalities


WordPress is the most famous web builder; hackers majorly target WordPress websites to steal information. Unfortunately, many WordPress users don’t consider how important securing your website can save you a lot of trouble. Hackers mainly target websites with power defenses or don’t follow WordPress security to code.

If you don’t follow security measures correctly, you will give hackers access to invade your website without you even knowing. In case you were too late and you have already been hacked, what then? The first step is to find a good scanner to detect or identify the source of your threat. Scanners can help you identify the weak points of your defense systems.

Knowing the weak points will help you identify points that need to be strengthened, malware to be cleaned out, and more. Different scanners provide you with various functions that may come in handy when you need them.

In this post, we took the time to find six of the best scanners you can use to detect malware on your website. The scanners chosen were due to ratings, functions, and effectiveness. Selecting one of them from this post ensures you get a scanner that gets the job done.

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